Patient Testimonials
of True North TMS

I Have Reclaimed My Life

Before TMS treatment, coping with life was incredibly difficult due to numerous failed trials of various antidepressants. I would essentially isolate, withdraw, and oversleep my way through life. I lost total hope and became convinced that nothing would help my depression & anxiety.

Since receiving TMS, I have reclaimed my life in many ways where I thought it would have previously been impossible. I’m becoming more physically active, engaging with family & friends, accomplishing more tasks with work, becoming more resilient to adversity, and managing stress more easily.

I’m beyond amazed with how well I have responded to TMS. It changed my life in such a profound and positive way. It has restored my hope and gratitude in life. I would absolutely do it again and am so glad it will be there if I need it. I would absolutely recommend TMS to those who have not responded to antidepressants satisfactorily and suffer from clinical depression & anxiety.

My experience with True North TMS has been incredible. The device itself is not invasive and lasts 20 minutes. It doesn’t hurt and the amazing staff do an outstanding job of providing compassion, while also demonstrating true competence and top-notch professionalism. I thank you all deeply for helping and being a huge part of this unique and invaluable part of my journey.

– JB

Experiencing Happiness Again After TMS

I struggled with major depression and anxiety for over four years. During this time, I tried several antidepressants with minimal results. I also went to therapy, which helped me to deal with the depression, yet my symptoms wouldn’t lift and over time became worse. I felt like I was living in a dark cave. My brain function slowed, which affected my short and long-term memory. I was worried that I was experiencing early onset Alzheimer’s, which only added to my depression. I began to give up hope of feeling the normal range of everyday emotions, and the ability to think and recall information quickly. But things have now changed. I am extremely grateful to have been educated about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and to have had the chance to undergo treatment. This technology, along with the supervision and support of Dr. Telford and Dr. Ha, plus the enormous support of the technologist and staff at True North TMS gave me my life back. My brain function is back to normal and I am regularly experiencing happiness again.

– B.G.

Life after TMS Treatment

“I no longer feel depressed despite going through some difficult things in life. I feel more like myself than I have in many years. I feel like life is manageable. I am blown away by the positive results in my life! I feel better and less depressed than I have in four years! Prior to TMS, I felt like I was broken and now I feel normal! I don’t feel like my emotions are numbed like I have felt on medications. I still feel emotions, but they are completely manageable and not debilitating like they were prior to TMS. I loved my TMS experience! I looked forward to the appointments. The appointments were consistent and convenient.” - LM 7/2023

"I've struggled with depression and anxiety for so long-I thought it would be that way forever." What has changed since receiving TMS? "Everything! I wake up ready for the day. My relationships are better, I have no suicide thoughts!! This has been life changing. It was amazing. I thought it would be hard to come every day-but it wasn't. I enjoyed it!" -EL 5/2023

What has changed since receiving TMS? “More energetic, not sleeping/in bed as much, better mood, a little more optimistic. Very good resource. Alyson did a fantastic job making the time go by.”-JS 12/2022

“My exhaustion has disappeared. I still have negative emotions, but positive ones are there now too! My TMS experience was very rewarding. Very hard to wait until it kicks in, but holding on was worth it. Sarah and Alyson were great!” -KA 12/2022

What has changed since receiving TMS? “More active, my sleep has gotten better. I feel as if I can focus and complete tasks.” How was your TMS experience? “It was great. Alyson was super professional and helpful. She made the experience seamless and always answered my questions.” -FM 10/2022

“Alyson was wonderful, easy to work with, very consistent thorough at checking in with me. Super easy and relaxing!”-BH 6/2022

“My overall outlook on life, feeling more alive/joyful has changed since receiving TMS. It was great. I began by being skeptical and nervous, but after the initial fears and doubts were over, I was thankful to be doing it. Also, Alyson and Sarah are amazing!” -HG 6/2022

“I am able to sleep better. I enjoy time with my family and friends. I look forward to participating in life again. Sarah made the whole experience so much easier.” -EP 5/2022

“I feel like this treatment-which worked-has opened up a much less exhausting road to treatment if depression recurs. TMS was explained. My level of cognitive ability changed-improved over the time of treatment, and I felt like Sarah was able to see that and provide support to how I was feeling on a daily basis. This was huge and made the minimal discomfort of TMS easier to take. This experience was really good-treatment AND support. “-JR 11/2021

"I have been able to deal with hiccups in the day without panic attacks or going down a rabbit hole of worrying. I have laughed again and smiled more. The technicians were wonderful, non-judgmental, empathetic, and knowledgeable. They laughed with me or sat with me as I cried."-NW 10/2021

I just tried to get by, making sure I got the essentials done (work, sleep, eat). It was a struggle to do these things, but anything else (e.g. hanging out with others, exercising) was too much. Since receiving TMS, “I’m more motivated to get out and do activities. I’m more motivated to talk to and spend time with others. I stopped missing work due to symptoms. I am able to focus better at work. I no longer fantasize about being dead.

– M

What has changed since receiving TMS?

Before TMS I just held onto everything, I wouldn't get out of bed, so really I wasn't coping at all.  Since receiving TMS, I have clarity-so much clarity, joy in doing things again. Motivation. Not avoiding things anymore. I am extremely happy. I would definitely do again if I had to but I don't think I will have to. My experience was amazing. The staff is the best. And I feel 100% myself again." -KW 6/2023

Would you recommend this treatment to someone else?

Absolutely! Those suffering from depression need all the help they can get.TMS helped me towards making healthier decisions.

Were you happy with your results and would you do it again?

“YES and YES!”